What if... 

1 million people bought one of these books at a cost of 34,9€? Just imagine for a while that a sponsor would publish and print them. We would then collectively have gathered 34.9 million euros. A joint capital to create solutions on demand of our primary needs. Not steered by profit nore growth.

Solutions guided by core values such as health and empathy.

Solution with a greater purpose.

Why these books?

Between autumn 2019 and summer 2022 I wrote a lot. My writing had sprung out of frustration, in my own constraints, of my brain, and the human crisis around us. That I and others are doomed to think and act within a limiting environment. That the result is steered by the knowledge that we have, and that we in this way are interlocked with each other.

I'm talking about interconnectedness, not in a spiritual way, more so in a biological sciences type of way.

So I wanted to examine ways to change 'my way of thinking', and I did. The result of my thinking experiments literally blew my mind and gave me hope about the future. If I could change my thinking pattern, others could too. 

Nevertheless, when I was done writing, I didn't know what to do with it. So I just left it there, as a file on my computer, hidden and unknown. Some months passed and I couldn't really let go of the feeling of having knowledge that could benefit others and be a part of the solution of the environmental- and social issues that we are facing. A part of something bigger.  

This trilogy is about us as a human. About going from being HUMANS to being HUMANES. If you are interested in knowing more about this project, send me a message in the form down under.